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Muzzy® Bowfishing introduces a first-of-its-kind arrow that utilizes a translucent shaft material and glow stick for a bright new take on bowfishing arrows.

Liven up the night fishing experience! The Muzzy Sabre lighted bowfishing arrow cuts through the night to let users track their arrow in flight, follow fish during the fight and amplify bowfishing fun! Constructed of high-strength translucent fiberglass composite tubes the Sabre integrates a 22-inch glow stick to light up the night. Secured by a push-in nock-system and front-weighted insert for great FOC the Sabre’s fool-proof system enhances visibility and performance in a wide range of conditions. These shafts are extremely durable and designed to penetrate well offering excellent tracking even on deep water shots. The patented non-toxic waterproof glow sticks last up to 24 hours and come in a choice of several different colors. Includes 5 glow sticks.

Available with Muzzy’s proven Carp or Gar Fish tips.

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