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****This is for the V3 Clicky-Stick only, you will need to convert your existing back cover, Reel and back cover not included****

Convert your Muzzy or Cajun Reel to free spool until you pull back on the Clicky-Stick.

Experience the thrill of bowfishing like never before with the Boondock Bowfishing Clicky-Sticks. Black with Grey handle. V3 models mount directly to the Muzzy XD and other popular reel models for a seamless transition from bow to water. Boost your bowfishing skills with this sleek and durable design, designed to bring the excitement of bowfishing to a whole new level.

Instructions are removing back cover, bend tabs to remove plastic push button, bend tabs back. Then remove the 2 screws from the Clicky-Stick, place inside the back cover, reinstall the 2 screws using the tabs bent on the existing cover. Once tightened, use a 1/8 drill bit to drill through back cover using the holes in the Clicky-Stick. Using hardware included tighten the Clicky-Stick to the back cover. Easy installation.