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Our bow mounted bowfishing light was designed for walking river banks and lighting up fish that your boat lights can’t reach. Similar to our Swamp Eye Lights, it comes with an interchangeable HPS-like warm white LED and an optional add-on Halogen / Metal Halide-like cool white LED. The all new integrated BigHead Switch makes it the best option for winning big head carp bowfishing tournaments. If you’re looking for low budget bowfisher lights, this is the perfect kit to mount to your bow and get you started in a fun and action-packed sport.

Key Features of LED Bow Light

  • Manual ON/OFF button on back of tail cap, also comes with separate removable switch for mounting to bow grip with new functionality. The removable switch is now capable of acting as a standard ON/OFF switch OR “BigHead” momentary switch. The previous “BigHead Switch” is now literally BUILT-IN and considered a standard feature for the new Bow Mounted Bowfishing Lights.
  • Interchangeable LEDs purposefully engineered to make your bowfishing and hunting trips easier.

Bowfishing Series

    • Comes Standard: HPS-like warm white LEDs optimized for increasing visibility in muddy water. The BigHead Bowfishing Switch is included.
    • Optional Add-On: Metal Halide-like cool white LEDs engineered to not only see more fish in clear water, but see more detail in clear water with our high color rendering index light output.

Hunting Series

    • Comes Standard: Red, Green, and Infrared LEDs. The dimmable hunting switch is included.
    • Red LEDs – predator, varmint and hog hunting
    • Green LEDs – hog hunting
    • Infrared LEDs – enhancing night vision optics
  • Not only are the new lights BRIGHTER than before, up from 1,800 lumens to now over 3,000 lumens but the battery life is DOUBLE! Thanks to innovative technology from leading car manufacturers, we are able to utilize higher grade lithium ion batteries that are capable of powering our lights for nearly 5 hours at 100% brightness. Each light comes with 1 battery, extra batteries are sold separately. 
  • Adjustable Beam
    • 800 yard spot beam for the long range shots
    • 130 degree, 100 ft wide flood beam for the short range shots
  • Universal mount for attaching to any bow with any bowfishing reel. The mount includes a picatinny rail that can be used for other accessories as well. Mount also includes an adapter for attaching bowfishing reels, stabilizers, or other accessories that utilize the threaded insert on the front of the bow.







What makes them the best bowfishing bow light?

The ALL-NEW Bow Mounted Bowfishing Light is second to none in terms of portable LED bow fishing lights for chasing invasive species in the shallows. After several years of trial, error and continued customer feedback, we have managed to perfect an LED bowfishing light that will mount to your bow and give the upper hand to both tournament bowfishermen and amateur anglers looking to light up fish at night.

As one of the most sought-after lights for shooting bigheads in bowfishing tournaments across the nation, we have taken an “added feature” and made it standard. The new bow mounted lights come standard with a removable on/off switch which has a BigHead Switch built in. Bowfishermen can easily turn the light on and off for continued use or they can hit the BigHead Switch button to turn it into a momentary pressure switch. This is a great feature for quickly jumping on light sensitive fish such as bighead carp.

Whether you are an amateur bowfisherman looking to have fun over the weekend or you’re an avid tournament bowfishermen, battery life is important. Thanks to the continued innovation in the automotive industry, we have been able to utilize higher capacity lithium ion batteries which give our lights double the run time as before. The new batteries are rated for 5 hours of continuous run time. Note: we have noticed that if you use the BigHead Switch option continuously, it can drain the battery life a little quicker due to continuous turning the light on and off. If you need extra batteries, they are now available to be sold separately. 

In the past, one of the biggest pain points for us was from our supporters accidentally pulling the switch leads off the back of the light, where they were attached via two solder joints inside the tail cap. In order to prevent this from ever happening again, we have now implemented an on/off push button switch which is mounted flush on the back tail cap and we have added a new removable tail cap connection which is reinforced with stainless steel hardware. We can guarantee that these problems may continue with other light brands, but they have come to a stopping point for us. We’ve put these new bow lights through rigorous testing and they have truly outperformed any bow light we have ever laid eyes on.

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FOXPRO’s new Bowfire was designed to be the most advanced and user-friendly bowfishing light in the market. With its patented 3 colors in one led selection, switching colors has never been easier!  The Bowfire is as easy as turning the selector switch to quickly adapt to changing water conditions. The Bowfire gives you 2 on/off methods. The first is a constant on/off for constant light. The second is a momentary on/off, which works better for fish that are light sensitive. And the dimmer controls allow you to control the intensity of the light for the best brightness for water conditions. The spot to flood feature allow you to adjust the beam of the light, so whether you are bowfishing from the banks, or on a boat where extended range is needed for fish further away, the Bowfire has you covered. High capacity Lithium Ion battery and charger included for extended run times. The FOXPRO Bowfire is backed by a 3 year LED replacement warranty, a 1 year tail cap and accessories warranty, and FOXPRO’s unmatched customer support.

Feature Highlights

  • Designed to be the most advanced and user-friendly bowfishing light in the market
  • Quickly change light hue colors for changing water conditions with the patented 3 color in 1 led selection. No more screw in led modules!
  • Constant On/Off AND Momentary On/Off for light wary fish
  • Dimmer controls to adjust light intensity.
  • Spot to flood feature is most desirable for both bank fishing and boat fishing for fish that are further away.
  • High-capacity Lithium-Ion battery and charger for extended run times
  • Universal bow adapter that allows for adding a spinning reel
  • 3 Year LED warranty
  • 1 year tail cap and accessories warranty