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Extreme Gator Getter Bolt. Comes with Gator Point.  Install 400lb or 600lb Line Thru Point to allow the head to detach from the bolt to minimize potential damage to the Bolt.

Insert Line from the Rel through the hole at the nock end of the Bolt. Pass the line through the hole in the Gator Point and secure with a Loop Knot to prevent Chafing. Remove the head from the Arrow and slide the Rubber Ring off the shaft. Pull approximately 6 inches of extra line through the nock end hole, double the line and pass it through the rubber ring. Slide the ring back onto the shaft with the extra line facing toward the nock and replace the head (you should now have some “slack” held under the ring so you can pull the shaft away from the head after impact). Slide the rubber ring down to where the head starts and flip an overhand loop (half Hitch) over the arrow after impact.