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  • Control all lights at once; or separate to control front, back, left, or right side independently.
  • High brightness output of over 20,000 lumens per Swamp Eye® Light Bar Gen 2.X
  • Adjustable color output from an HPS-like warm white (2000k) color to a metal halide-like cool white (6000k) color.
  • Instant on/off with memory for holding your favorite color setting.
  • Includes impact resistant mounting hardware and impact resistant lenses on lights.

The Swamp Eye® Light Bar Gen 2.X Bowfishing Light Kit includes everything you need to control all your bowfishing lights at once, or have boat setup in sections to control certain sections at a time.

Here’s the Complete Guide to the Building Block Wire Harness in the event you want more information on how this setup works.

These kits have been put together based upon what is most commonly purchased when people buy the listed number of bowfishing lights. In the event you end up needing other components, we can sell other components individually. 

Here’s the complete breakdown for what’s included with each kit:

4x 120W Swamp Eye® Light Bar Gen 2.X Kit

4x Swamp Eye Light Bar Gen 2.X    
2x Control Dials
3x Tee Connectors for Control Leads
4x  Control Extension Leads  
4x High Efficiency AC Power Converters (Included with Generator Option)

4x Power Lead with Battery Ring Terminals (Included with Battery Option)


Battery, Generator