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Xtreme Duty Spincast Style Bowfishing Kit w/Extended Hood


  • Improved Muzzy XD Reel with Elongated Hood
  • Tac Rail Reel Seat
  • Fish Hook Rest
  • Glove Free Finger Guards
  • Classic White Fish Arrow with Carp Point

The Xtreme Duty Kit comes with the new and improved XD Reel with an elongated hood design for ultra-smooth line feed, increased accuracy and better retrieval. It comes pre-spooled with 150 feet of 150 pound Tournament line. The kit also includes the new Tac Rail Reel Seat with an integrated picatinny rail for mounting accessories such as a light or action camera. Also included is the Fish Hook arrow rest, Glove-Free finger guards, and a Classic White Fish Arrow with a Carp Point and nock installed. Everything you need to set a bow up for successful bowfishing.


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